Fillingham Exhibition by the founder, Geoff Burton - a group of volunteers formed RAF Ingham Heritage Group.


Work commenced on site - over 40 self-seeded trees and 70 years of overgrown nature cleared.


A 25 year lease for the buildings and land was secured, so renovation got under way. The access road and car park were created by 12 (Air Support) Gp, Royal Engineers.

Renovations continued with new concrete pathways and hedging.



An original Cammeringham Resettlement Unit Nissen Hut was salvaged and reconstrusted on-site.


Our major utilities project was undertaken. Works included a water treatment system, electrical cables, the main water supply and further service ducting onto the site.


The design, building and opening of our Memorial Garden, remembering both those personnel who served at RAF Ingham and those of the Polish Bomber



Work commenced on the Nissen Hut garden. A combination of a vegetable patch and flower beds.


Further groundworks and landscaping. Our aim is to create a continuous level concrete path all around the buildings; providing full access to those with reduced mobility .


2019 was a year of changes and challenges, some very special veterans, descendants and visitors were welcomed. We said goodbye to some of the long-standing volunteers; and ended the year with major infrastructure changes on Site.


Despite COVID-19 dramatically changing business, both on and off-site; we have now adapted and modified both our 2020 Events Plan and Infrastructure schedule, to maximise our opportunities through the autumn and up to the end of the year.

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The Focus of Our Efforts

Volunteers Workshop 

Our volunteers workshop is well underway, with the exterior building construction being complete in just under a week. The interior fit is just taking a little bit longer.

The workshop was funded by the Armed Force Community Covenant to inspire and engage both future and current volunteers.

The volunteer workshop will be up and running late 2020. 

Arrival of AEC 6x6 (O)854 Airfield Refueller

Our AEC 6x6 (O)854 WW2 airfield refueller has recently arrived home. 

She was acquired several years ago but has been stored on a local farm owned by Mr William Rose of W&AC Rose (Farms) LTD, to whom we are extremely grateful.

Now the real work will begin. 

Visitors' Reception and Shop

As part of our visitor engagement, we are creating a new Visitors' Reception and Shop on the edge of the main car park.

The project involved a large amount of groundworks, hard work, elbow grease and copious amounts of green paint. 

Thanks to Lindum Group Ltd for their fantastic support, in providing Hiab lift capability to reposition the cabins into their new configuration.